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NEO - Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment Platform

Provide a system for client accountability that is monitored, scheduled, and real-time.

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The Need

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Monitored, Scheduled, Real-Time

A system of connectedness for client to always have immediate access to support. Monitored, Scheduled, Real-Time.

  • Monitored: Continuous oversight ensures that clients stay on their path, reducing the risk of relapse.
  • Scheduled: A structured timeline of tasks and check-ins brings predictability and routine, aiding the recovery process.
  • Real-Time: Immediate feedback and support mean that help is always just a click away, making the treatment more effective.

Overall Goal of the Platform

Increase success of treatment programs and decrease or eliminate relapsing behaviors or abandonment of Treatment plan goals.


Hold clients more accountable on their paths to recovery.


Enhance client/counselor relationships for better treatment outcomes.


Save time and allow for onboarding & management of more clients.


Client Side Features

Mobile Application Feature

Mobile Application

A dedicated app to keep you connected and accountable, displaying upcoming tasks, check-ins, and requirements.

Automated Notifications Feature

Automated Notifications

Never miss a task with automated reminders and tracking.

Video Call Integration Feature

Video Call Integration

Both scheduled and unscheduled video calls are seamlessly integrated into the app.

Resources Feature


Access embedded training videos and documents with guided steps right within the app.

Contingency Management Feature

Contingency Management

A built-in rewards dashboard to motivate and track your progress.

Location Services Feature

Location Services

Optional location tracking that can be monitored by counselors for added accountability.

Emergency Contacts Feature

Emergency Contacts

Counselors have access to your emergency contacts for critical situations.

Emergency Response Feature

Emergency Response

Different levels of emergency response buttons to reach counselors based on the urgency (ASAP, within 24-48 hours, 72 hours, etc.).

Unique Features

NEO is unique in that it is designed to work in concert with a licensed therapist to provide continuity of care and the healing of the Dis-connected Self.

Healing the Dis-Connected Self

A therapeutic model designed to heal the whole self, based on a blend of proven treatment approaches.

Core Self

Work on developing a "Core Self" to begin the process of building internal integrity and trust within the Self.

Transformational Experience

This approach guides people out of cycles of hopelessness and into a life of purpose.

A Companion for HOPE & HEALING

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, we will have lost another 4 to 6 citizens to reported overdose deaths (CDC: WONDER database 2021). Of those who seek treatment, 40 to 60 percent will experience a relapse.

The most difficult aspect of long-term recovery is facing life’s many challenges and being able to use new skills and coping mechanisms to avoid the pitfalls of addiction. Many individuals have not had any real-life practice with new skills for positive changes, so they resort to what they have used in the past, even though they are aware it didn't work.


NEO is an interactive app designed to promote continuous recovery support, build life skills, and teach emotional regulation and anger management. NEO is not simply a relapse-prevention tool, it is a compassionate companion for anyone who is attempting to end addiction and stabilize mood dysregulation. NEO provides a platform to practice self-care and stress tolerance skills along with productive purposeful problem resolution skills so clients will have these skills at the ready during a real time crisis.

NEO provides ongoing assistance in a number of unique ways:

NEO is always there! Connections are continuous and provide a non-human interaction or a skill builder exercise.

NEO takes the immediate position of trusted source for clients who are accustomed to interacting with digital technology.

NEO reinforces successes and reframes near or total relapses into learning moments.

NEO is fun and provides game-like activities for people to "win points/prizes" while building strong recovery muscles.

NEO will search for clients if they are withdrawing or isolating, missing appointments, flying off course, or becoming discouraged and hopeless.

NEO’s wisdom comes from more than 30 years of Joan’s work experience in addictions, TX, Trauma Treatment, treatment designs, and ongoing research. NEO offers hope.

NEO is designed to provide seamless connections between in-patient providers and NEO teams. Eliminating stranger danger, NEO connects with therapists to have them share their aftercare plan and goals specific to their client. NEO will assist in a gentle hand-off from treatment staff. Clinicians can request progress/problem reports if desired by the client.

"Hope is a thing with feathers, That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops - at all"
-- Emily Dickinson (1861)

Joan’s Philosophy of Caring

Joan’s philosophy

I approach each person from an empowerment perspective.

"How can I be of help"

I integrate with the person all aspects of their distress and/or dis-ease into a plan of care that is specific to their needs and wants.

Since I have over three decades of treatment experiences in a wide variety of therapy models and types, I use all my skills and training to address each individual. My plans are all based on strengthening existing coping skills, creating mind-body awareness, and creating bridges between the mind and body so that the entirety of an individual is addressed. This holistic approach is an organized effort to improve people’s quality of life.

Treatment is client driven, meaning the work begins and ends with the client’s comfort with goals being achieved. I consult with other professionals who are involved with some specific treatment of the client when appropriate to ensure the therapeutic work supports and enhances co-existing medical treatments, naturopathic treatments, and addiction relapse prevention medications.

As the therapeutic work progresses, I routinely check with the person to ensure treatment strategies are on target and helpful. If the person is experiencing a "stuck" point in treatment, we work together to identify the problem area. If assistance with that issue is beyond my skill set or requires treatment that I do not offer, I refer that person to local colleagues who can help either in a supportive role with me or as an independent referral. All treatment decisions are suggested by me and either accepted or not by the client.

About Joan

Degrees and Certifications

  • Masters in Social Work and Social/Family Policy: LCSW
  • Registered Nurse: RN
  • Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional, Diplomate Status: CCDP-D
  • Certificate in Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Certification in Forensic Counseling

Advanced Training

  • Trauma Informed Treatment
  • Dialectical Behavioral Treatment (DBT)
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • PTSD-C Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Complex)
  • Relational Therapy
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